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Moving help to load and unload your rental trucks, Pods, Upack or storage containers

So the time to move is fast approaching and you really need to start making serious decisions on how to move your stuff or business. Here are a few things you start thinking about; How much will it cost me to move? What kind of movers do I need? Would I need movers insurance or would the movers provide their insurance? Which of my friends or family can help me? How do I get reputable movers or if you are on a budget, how do I find cheap movers?

These questions would certainly drive you into research mode, maybe you look on facebook or like most people do they google their question. The results can become overwhelming, to say the least. You notice you have so many options you become confused on where to start.

Most likely your 1st research results would most likely be companies advertising free moving quotes both online or over the phone. You have to now make up your mind who the best option to call, to avoid wasting time and get your desired results.

Before you make your 1st move, you need to determine how you want to move your stuff, so you know how to get to the right people and make the proper move request.

To put it simply most move methods could be broken down into two, full-service or self-service.

A full-service move consists of movers coming into your home or business to evaluate and give you a quote, then show up on move day to pack up your stuff, load it all up into a truck or portable storage unit and then deliver the goods to the new address and then unload and unpack your stuff. Sound really stress-free and it really is but be careful as this method can really break the bank, costing thousands of dollars. Best options for folks that have the money to blow and no time on their hands to plan a move.

Now the other option, a self-service move gets you more involved with your move but saves you over 65%-75% of the total cost if you were to hire a full service moving company. With a self-service move you rent your truck from either Penske, U-haul or Budget or a portable unit from Upack or Pods, then you either have your friends and family help move you or hire movers to help you load and unload.

From personal experience getting friends and family to help move is the unreliable options for a couple of reasons, like you really don't want your friends or family to see it all, it's a bit uncomfortable for them to get too personal and go over your personal items, I am sure you know that feeling or the fact that you can not get mad at them if they are not pulling their weight or break your stuff. You will have to feed them, be on their time and owe them forever. So If you can deal with this, then this option may just work for you.

Now If friends and family do not sound like a great idea, then your best bet would be to hire moving labor, basically, guys to help pack, load or unload your moving equipment such as a truck or portable storage unit. Now your mission would be to find the best movers to help you move.

Most movers who offer labor services charge per hr and prices may vary depending on your location and time of move as well as other factors like your moving details. During the slow season usually when its colder people don't move around that much therefore dropping the demand and consequently the avg cost to move.

So that brings us back to moving quotes and confusing prices. There is no way around this and you will have to navigate to find the best options for you.

At Hireratedhelp we try to make the pricing and service clear and easy. We offer 5 standard prices based on 5-star review scale. We allow customers rate their movers in our marketplace after the job is completed and based on those reviews we pair you with the right movers for your buck. To put it simply movers get paid per hr based on their past reviews. So if your priority is excellent service we will pair you with the best movers in our marketplace. If you are on a budget then you can choose a lower price point and we will pair you with movers at that price point. Just like the famous insurance infomercial “You Name Your Price”.

We do offer a state of the art movers management portal, that even full-service movers don't provide for all that money spent. You would be able to review your moving details and edit or cancel by logging in to your account.

Once your movers have been assigned you will be able to put a face to the name before they even show up at your place to move you.

We act as the intermediary between you and the movers, so you only pay when you are satisfied with the job and only pay for hours you approve.

How this works. When you book online, we ask you to create a payment release pin, You can always go back into your account and change this 4 digit pin. You should not share this pin with your movers. So your movers will show up to move you on move day, when they are done they will enter the number of hours they worked individually into their work portal, then they will hand their phones over to you to review their hours and only after you agree to those hours worked, you enter your pin and you are all done.

You can and should go into your account later to review your movers after they have gone. Remember your reviews determine their pay scale or rate in our marketplace, so best believe your movers are more than motivated to impress you and get it done right.  

If you are planning to move and need moving help, I encourage you to book your moving helpers online with us today.

I would love to hear your thought here too and good luck moving forward.

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