All about the helpers


Who are the "helpers"?

Most of the Helpers on HirerRatedHelp.com do loading and unloading jobs for a living with other reputable full service moving companies. HirerRatedHelp.com is a marketplace where they can apply their skills and earn a better pay per hour. Some are individuals who aren't necessarily professional movers, but who can provide labor. We run a merit-based pay system, designed to pay our best movers the most with the help of past customer reviews.


Are helpers licensed?

A special license isn't required for lifting things in and out of a truck or storage container. Hireratedhelp is a marketplace that connects you and the helpers and so helpers do not need to be licensed.


Are helpers insured?

Helpers do not carry insurance. When it comes to insurance of your goods, there is optional mover's insurance available when you place your order through HirerRatedHelp which covers $.60/lb up to $10k. If you hire a helper with an avg review of 4.5 or better there is also Full Value coverage available for purchase from Moving Insurance.com. Rates start at $12 per $1000 in coverage.


Where is my helper coming from and do I get charged for travel time?

When you provide your zip code we assign you helpers that cover your area. Helpers aren't on the clock until they arrive at your doorstep. The amount you pay on HirerRatedHelp includes the helper's travel fees to and from the job site.


Do they charge extra for stairs?

Up to one flight of stairs is always included in every helper's rates. charges for additional flights, that will be shown upfront on booking.


Will they load and unload my truck for me?

If the helper's service area includes your loading and unloading locations, you may be assigned to them to unload your truck too. This works great for local moves! Keep in mind that the helpers do stay on the clock when driving between your loading and unloading locations. If your load and unload addresses are more than 30 miles apart, you'll probably want to hire two separate helpers for the load and the unload.


Will they help me pack boxes?

Helpers specialize in loading and unloading, they are not professional packers and do not provide boxes and other packing supplies. They can provide packing help if you are participating, supervising, and providing the supplies. If you'd like to have them help with packing, make sure to put this in your order details and account for the extra time needed.


Do they bring a truck?

No. Even if they own trucks, you can only book them for labor on HirerRatedHelp.com


Can the helper drive my truck?

Absolutely not. If you booked them through HirerRatedHelp, you may not hire them to drive a truck. We are currently working on Driver Helpers who would have CDL certifications. Until then no.


Do they bring moving equipment (dollies, ropes, tie-downs)?

No, you will have to provide those, most rental companies offer moving equipment.


Do they bring boxes, tape, or packing supplies?

Helpers do not bring expendable packing supplies (like packing tape, wrap, boxes, etc.)


Do they bring furniture pads?

Helpers do not provide furniture pads. We suggest getting them from your rental truck or storage container provider, or you can also get them from a home improvement store such as Home Depot® or Lowes®.


Can they disassemble/reassemble furniture?

Helpers charge hourly. If you'd like to have them disassemble/reassemble furniture, make sure to put this in your order details and account for the extra time needed. Before the job date, make sure to discuss what tools are needed with your helper.


Does the crew take breaks during the time they are scheduled for?

They might take a quick water or restroom break and for longer jobs, they would need to take a lunch break. But they should only charge you for the hours they spend working. Make sure to discuss your helper's exact policy on breaks with them prior to your move.


How do I know that the helpers won't milk the clock?

Customer reviews. If a helper provides unsatisfactory service their review go down which in turn affects their future pay. Also, keep our Service Guarantee in mind. If you feel like the job went unreasonably long, let us know and we'll evaluate the situation and see if a refund is in order.


Do they work on Sundays/weekends?



Do the rates change over the weekend?



What happens if the helper hurts themselves on the job?

All helpers state that they will not hold their customers liable for injuries. We also recommend that you discuss any such concerns directly with the helper you select, most will also be willing to sign a release of liability for you upon request.


Are helpers background checked?

When selecting a helper one of the most important things to look for is if they get good reviews from their past customers. Helpers have been background checked via third-party providers. We can not guarantee any background check, we suggest to book the five-star movers to get the best of your moving experience, please give us a call at (833) 369-6683 if you have any further concerns.


Selecting a helper


How do I know who is available?

Helpers manage their availability through HirerRatedHelp. Our system assigns available helpers based on the star ratings you select!


I was assigned a helper! How do I contact them?

Immediately after you place your reservation, you'll get their primary contact information and can send a message to your assigned helpers on hireratedhelp dashboard. Or even better, give them a chance to contact you first. Often times these helpers are out on jobs all day and will give you a call between jobs or at the end of the day.


During your move


Can I/my family/friends help move items also?

Of course! It's a great way to save some money. Two things to keep in mind: 1) the job will go a little faster, and 2) your friends and family don't do this for a living and certainly won't pack a truck as well. Use your pros wisely!

Do I have to take the clothes or items out of my drawers?

This is something you should definitely discuss with your helper prior to your job date. In general, if the furniture is light and doesn't contain breakable items, it might be okay. Otherwise, we recommend that you take out the breakable or particularly heavy items and make sure they are properly wrapped and packed.

Do I need to rent a dolly?

If you think you need one then please rent one. Most of our helpers do not carry large moving equipment.


Booking process


How much time should I book?

If you're not sure how long the job will take, have a look at our helpful labor guide to get an idea. Still not sure how much time to book? Give us a call at (833) 369-6683 and we can help. After your booking is complete, your helper will also contact you and let you know if you need more or less time. Tip: When booking, provide as many details about your job as possible so your helper will get a clear idea of the size and scope of the job. Example: How many rooms are in your home? How many flights of stairs?


How far in advance do I need to book?

We recommend booking about 2 weeks in advance. If you wait until 1 or 2 days before your move date, there's a strong chance the higher rated (and/or better priced) helpers will be booked.


Why is the rate based on reviews?

Our rate based pay system ensures that all our helpers work their hardest to impress you and maintain or improve their stars so not lose out on better-paying jobs on hireratedhelp.


Can I set my own start time?

After selecting a helper based on ratings, you'll be able to select your preferred arrival window before you finish booking. Arrival times are in 1-hour windows and the clock doesn't start until they arrive.


When do I get charged?

Your card will be authorized for the full amount 1 day before your move date at around 5 am EST. "Authorized" means the charge is pending. Then the charge will be completed when the job is complete. If you are booking a last minute job (the job is today or tomorrow) your card will be authorized immediately upon booking.


When will my helper call me?

Helpers confirm newly booked jobs throughout the day or at the end of the day. So, you should hear from them within 24 hours. If you need to speak to them immediately, you'll get your helper's primary contact information via email or can chat them on hireratedhelp, we encourage you to have all communications on hireratedhelp chat system to keep a history of events to protect you if the need arises.


What if I need to cancel?

Cancel at no charge up to 48 hours before your job start time. If you cancel after that, the helpers will charge for 1 hour at the rate you booked. Canceling within 1 hour before the job doubles this fee. To cancel, please contact your helper first! Then call or email HirerRatedHelp.


How do I request special equipment?

Simple! Just enter it into the job notes when you book the job. Your helper will confirm these types of requests prior to your job date.


Can I change the date of my job?

To change the job date, first, contact your helper and see if they're available. If they are, just send us an email letting us know about the date change. If not, let them know you're canceling the job and then contact us to arrange a new helper.


Leaving a review


Can anyone leave a review?

If you booked them, you will be able to leave a review after the job is completed. We encourage all movers to leave a review as this helps to determine their future pay grade in our marketplace.


Can my helper respond to my review?

At this time no. Customer ratings are updated once a week to maintain your privacy. Helpers do not know what customer reviewed them.


Does my review have to be public?

Yes and No. Your ratings are calculated with other customers before it's made public your comments are private. We do not display comments from customers only the cumulative average star ratings of all customers.


What information is posted alongside my review?

We do not show individual reviews at this time.


Can my helper ask me to change my review?

Your helpers future pay is determined based on your review, Please be careful and take it very seriously. Your help would not know for sure which customers reviewed negatively. You can always go back and change your review if you wish to do so.


Are there any circumstances HirerRatedHelp would edit or remove my review?

Very few. we reserve the right to remove it. You would be notified if your review is under review.


Paying your helper


Why do you need my credit card info?

We need to verify customer's payment info. So, to place a reservation with your helper, we ask for a major credit or debit card.


Do the helpers have my credit card information?

Helpers never receive your credit card information. HirerRatedHelp acts as an escrow service for you, we send your payment to your helper when you tell us the job is complete but indicating on your account and confirming hours worked.


Can I pay by cash or check?

No. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover.


When will my card get charged?

48 hours before the job date at around 5 am EST. If you are booking a last minute job (the job is today or tomorrow) you'll be charged immediately upon booking.


Why is my card authorized before the work is done?

One of the reasons customer satisfaction is so high on HirerRatedHelp is this: helpers know their customers are serious about hiring them and have the funds to pay them. If they show up and do the work properly they know they'll get paid. Customers don't want flaky helpers and helpers don't want flaky customers, so everyone is happy.


Who will charge my card?

We would. Hirerated Inc is what you'll see on your credit statement.


How does my helper get paid?

Once the job is done, your helpers will update their hours and you would be asked to confirm those hours either by logging online or providing them with your payment release password.

Payment will be sent to your helper via direct deposit or check (minus the commission they pay HirerRatedHelp.)


How long do refunds take?

Once a refund is issued, the funds are released within one business day. Most credit card companies take 2-5 business days to post the funds back to your account. If you used a debit card, your bank may take 5-10 business days to post the funds.


My job went over. How do I add the additional hours to my order?

Your helpers can adjust the time on site to reflect additional hours, you can:

  1. Review and provide your payment release password to your helpers

  2. Log in to your account and approve the hours and release the payment

  1. Call 833 369-6683


How do you know how long the helpers work for?

You tell us! (See the previous question above.)


Can I get a refund if I book too much time?

It's hard work setting up a schedule, once we assign helpers to you based on your hours, our system would not assign them to any other jobs during those hours plus 1 hour for travel. It is only fair that they keep their hour as they potentially missed out on work for the day if they don't.


What credit cards do you take?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover.


My helper wants cash for the additional hours. Should I pay them?

No. It's best to add hours to your HirerRatedHelp order using your credit card. That way we can send you an accurate receipt and we have a record of the transaction in case of tax deduction purposes or there's an issue later. The three ways to do this:

  1. Text message: we'll send you a text message the morning of your job. When the job is complete, just reply the text message and follow the prompts.

  2. Phone call: when the job is done, call (833) 369-6683 and follow the prompts.

  3. Signed invoice: Your helper may present you with an invoice at the end of the job. Just indicate the total number of hours and sign the invoice.


Can I get a receipt for the job?

Of course! You'll be emailed a receipt at the end of the job. And can always log into your account anytime to print out any receipt you need.


Should I tip my helper? How much?

Did they do a great job? Though it's not required, many people do tip. The typical amount is around $10-$20 a worker, depending on the size of the job. Here is a good article about tipping



What are your policies regarding privacy and spam?

Look, we hate spam as much as you do and we'll never share your email address with marketers. We take security seriously. Here's our full privacy policy.


Complaints & damage claims


What if my helper is running late?

By the time your job date rolls around, you will have already spoken to your helper. So, give them a call first. Keep in mind they have an hour window to arrive. If you can't reach them, call HirerRatedHelp at (833) 369-6683 and we'll immediately help you find a replacement if needed.


What if my helper is a no-show?

Give them a call and keep in mind they have an hour window to arrive. If you can't reach them call HirerRatedHelp at (833) 369-6683 and we'll immediately help you find a replacement if needed. We take no-shows very seriously; helpers who do it owe you a fee that can either be applied towards the replacement or sent straight to you for the inconvenience. Helpers who no-show habitually won't be assigned to further jobs on the site.


What happens if they break my stuff?

By booking through HirerRatedHelp you get basic repair insurance on every helper's service which covers $.60/lb up to $10k. If you hire a different company to load or unload your truck or container then your goods are not covered while they're being transported. The insurance does not cover damage that happens while your goods are being transported in a freight trailer. If you hire a service provider with an avg review of 4.5 or better there is also Full Value coverage available for purchase from MovingInsurance.com.


What happens if they try to charge hidden fees?

This is expressly not allowed on HirerRatedHelp. You pay for only the hours they worked. Call us.


How do I lodge a complaint about my helper?

First, give them a call and let them know there was an issue. If they don't resolve the issue to your satisfaction, file a complaint with us and we'll step in. Also, remember that customer reviews are very powerful, so make sure to leave one.


What if I'm generally dissatisfied with my service?

Three things:

  1. Contact your helper and make sure they know. They will often try and resolve the issue.

  2. Leave a review! These are the lifeblood of helpers on HirerRatedHelp and they don't like to see negative ones as this affects their future pay rate.

  3. If you file a complaint we'll step in and evaluate the situation and, based on our Service Guarantee, see if a refund is in order.


About HirerRatedHelp


Is HirerRatedHelp a moving company?

No. HirerRatedHelp is an online marketplace where you can find rated help, and book an independent service provider based on reviews. Using HirerRatedHelp is much like using a travel website to compare rates and book a hotel room - you're making a reservation with an independent service provider.


Are service providers on HirerRatedHelp.com employees or subcontractors of HirerRatedHelp?

No. Each helper is an independent service provider that uses us to handle their booking process. Using HirerRatedHelp is much like using a travel website to compare rates and review and book a hotel room - you're making a reservation with an independent service provider.


Do you offer customer service?

Heck yes, we do! We have a full-time staff here in Palm Beach Fl. We're here to help you book with confidence and provide support should the need arise. We're here 7 days a week and our phone number is (833) 369-6683.


Can I trust HirerRatedHelp?

Hey, of course, you can! We are a real brick-and-mortar company based in Palm Beach FL. We're an A-rated business on the BBB. We're alive and well on Twitter and Facebook. We don't hide our phone number (it's 833-369-6683), we give 1% of our revenue away, and we sponsor 80+ local events nationwide.


How does HirerRatedHelp make money?

Helper's pay HirerRatedHelp a commission on every completed order. Other moving labor marketplaces may charge a higher or lower commission depending on their level of service and support. For our fee, we're able to offer complimentary movers insurance, 7-days-a-week customer support, a Service Guarantee, payment via credit card, and an online customer review system.